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Volume 1, Number 1
September 1996


Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Network of East-West Women's new quarterly publication, the NEWW Online Bulletin, which is available both electronically and in paper copy. The bulletin is a compilation of the most pertinent informational resources to be found on NEWW's electronic conferences/mailing lists and on other electronic forums addressing issues of gender in post-communist societies. To be published in both English and Russian, NEWW Online Bulletin includes announcements of events, fellowships and publications, news alerts, country and organizational reports.

Several NEWW members and mailing list users helped us recognize the drawbacks to electronic networking that accompany its advantages, and the need for an online digest. For instance, the sheer volume of information that is transmitted via e-mail is often intimidating, and understandably so. Sorting through hundreds of e-mail messages can be a confusing, unappealing task - especially if English is not your native language. In addition, e-mail costs can be very high in some countries, where users are charged for the number of pages sent and received.

In an attempt to address these problems, NEWW decided to produce a quarterly digest of online information - for which we would select, edit and categorize postings to our various electronic conferences, and in this way, save our users time and energy.

With funding support from World Learning, Inc., NEWW is able to produce a quarterly bulletin in both English and Russian, for distribution via e-mail and regular postal mail.

NEWW's conference facilitators in Moscow, New York, and Washington, DC, selected, categorized, and summarized the best informational resources posted to three of our conferences, women.east-west, neww.rights, and glas.sisters, from May through July, 1996. Messages originally in Russian have been translated into English, and vice-versa.

Those of us who selected and summarized "the best" were excited anew at all of the women's events, publications, and activities throughout the region, and at the contacts being made among women, east-east and east-west. We hope you will be, too.

The Bulletin is produced in both paper and electronic form. Our Moscow staff will produce a Russian version, to be distributed via e-mail, postal mail, fax, and the World Wide Web.

The first issue of the English version of the Bulletin is being distributed to NEWW members by e-mail or postal mail beginning on September 23. It is also being posted to the women-east-west mailing list. If you are not on the mailing list and are not a NEWW member, you can request a copy of the Bulletin by contacting:

Victoria Vrana
1601 Connecticut Ave. NW Suite 701
Washington, DC 20009
Tel: 202/265-3585
Fax: 202/265-3508

To obtain a hard copy of the Bulletin, please send $5 to the NEWW DC office to cover the cost of postage and production. A year's subscription to the Bulletin (four issues in all) costs only $15 USD.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Use This Bulletin
  3. Masthead
  4. NEWW Staff Changes
  5. News
  6. Requests
  7. Success Stories
  8. E-Resources
  9. Technical Support
  10. Organizational Profiles and Projects
  11. Posting from Medica Zenica, "Dina's Story"
  12. Conferences
  13. Reports
  14. Fellowships, Internships, Awards, Education
  15. Jobs
  16. Publications
  17. Call for Essays
  18. Announcements
  19. Discussions
  20. Contacts
  21. List of Organizations in Bulletin

How to Use This Bulletin

All of the messages posted to the women.east-west and glas.sisters conferences for the months of May, June, and July of 1996 are organized into 14 categories, depending on the primary nature of the information:

Announcements: announcements of future events, activities, etc. See also Conferences & Events; Fellowships; Jobs; Reports; Publications.

Conferences & Events, Calls for Papers: announcements of future conferences, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, meetings, and notification of past events (without further report); calls for papers for conferences. See Reports, News.

Contacts: lists of names and contact information, without further description. See also Organizational Profiles.

Discussion: exchanges of postings on issues or ideas.

E-Resources: addresses for Internet resources. See also Technical Support.

Fellowships, Awards, Education, Internships

Job Announcements

News: accounts (or descriptions) of occurrences, happenings, and events in the region; includes articles from newspapers or wire services. See also Reports.

News Alert: urgent news, often requesting action.

Organizational Profiles and Projects: descriptions of organizations and projects, with contact information.

Publications: announcements of recently published books, journals, brochures, documents. See also Reports.

Reports: description or analysis of events. See also News, Publications.

Requests for Information: individual or institutional requests.

Technical Support: information about computers or electronic communications. Includes Internet service providers or equipment. See also E-Resources.

For this Bulletin, we use five abbreviations to indicate the original location of the postings. These abbreviations appear next to particular messages throughout the Bulletin:

*GS* represents material originally posted on the Russian conference glas.sisters;

*OL* represents information originally posted by NEWW on-line participants;

*CON* appears only in the REPORTS sections to indicate reports from conferences;

*NR* represents information originally posted on neww.rights; and

*B* represents information originally posted on more than one conference/mailing list.

Within each section, the messages are subdivided to make relevant information easier to find:

Each message is headed by the date of posting and the subject line. (Some messages were posted without a subject line, so we created one for this Bulletin.) If you have direct access to APC conferences (that is, you have <apc> in your e-mail address and your Internet service provider makes all conferences available), you can see the complete text by going directly to the conferences <women.east-west>, <neww.rights>, or <glas.sisters>. If you do not have direct access to APC conferences and would like to see the full text of specific messages, please contact the person or organization listed at the end of the entry.

The Bulletin is a work-in-progress and we are still evaluating the most effective ways to organize and summarize online resources for your use. We welcome your feedback on how to improve the Bulletin's structure and content. Please contact Vctoria Vrana,

Each entry contains contact information, including e-mail and Web addresses when available. In addition, we have included a handy list of all the organizations referred to in the Bulletin, with e-mail addresses.

Paper copies of the Bulletin can be ordered from NEWW for $5. A one-year subscription to the Bulletin (4 issues in all) costs only $15.

NEWW Online Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 1
Published by the Network of East-West Women

Bulletin Staff

Julia Epstien
Mike Lane
Dorota Majewska
Shana Penn
Kim Perlow
Danielle Parris
Sonia Jaffe Robbins
Elaine Reuben
Tatiana Troinova
Victoria Vrana

NEWW Offices

Washington, D.C.
Shana Penn, Executive Director
Victoria Vrana, NEWW On-Line Coordinator
1601 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Suite 701
Washington, D.C. 20009
Tel: +202/265-3585
Fax: +202/265-3508

Moscow, Russia
Elena Kotchkina, FSU Coordinator, East-East Legal Coalition
Moscow Center for Gender Studies
Institute of Socio-Economic Population Studies
Academy of Sciences
27 Krasikova Street
117218 Moscow, Russia
Tel/fax +7 095/332-4532

Moscow, Russia
NEWW Moscow
Irina Doskich, FSU Coordinator, NEWW On-Line
Tel: +7095/322-1443
Fax: +7095/332-4532

New York City
Gosia Tarasiewicz
6138 76th Street
Middle Village, New York 11379
Tel: 718/898-2119

Warsaw, Poland
Urszula Nowakowska, Regional Coordinator, East-East Legal Coalition
Polish Women's Rights Center
ul. Emilii Platter 55/44
00-113 Warsaw, Poland
Tel/fax: +48 22/620-76-24

Cracow, Poland
Roma Ciesla, E-mail Trainer, NEWW On-Line
ul. Mazowiecka 104A/27
30-023 Cracow, Poland
Tel: +48 12/345 097

NEWW, Inc., Board of Directors

Ann Snitow, Chair
Mariam Chamberlain
Cheryl Lehman
Joanna Regulska
Melissa Stone
Shana Penn

NEWW U.S. Office

Elaine Reuben, Acting Director
Victoria Vrana, Director, NEWW On-Line
Dorota Majewska, Program Assistant, East-East Legal Committee
Galina Venediktova, FSU Programs
Robert Gibbs, Accountant
Danielle Perris, Intern

NEWW On-Line

Roma Ciesla
Irina Doskich
Sonia Jaffe Robbins
Jelica Todosijevic
Galina Venediktova
Victoria Vrana

NEWW East-East Coalition

Lena Kotchkina
Dorota Majewska
Isabel Marcus
Urszula Nowakowska

NEWW Donors 1994-1996

American Council of Learned Societies
James R. Dougherty Foundation
Eurasia Foundation
Ford Foundation
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Open Society Institute
Samuel Rubin Foundation
Shaler Adams Foundation
Jules and Doris Stein Foundation
Van Camp Foundation
Vanguard Foundation
World Learning, Inc.

The NEWW Online Bulletin is published with the support of World Learning, Inc.

NEWW Staff Changes

Shana Penn moves to U.S. Holocaust Museum;
Elaine Reuben to be Acting Director of NEWW

Dear Friends:

Shana Penn, founding Executive Director of the Network of East-West Women, has accepted an appointment at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as Director of Media and Communications, to begin in mid-October 1996. She will continue to be actively involved in the work of NEWW as a Board member, and will continue to be available via the e-mail address Shana also expects that her work with the U.S. Holocaust Museum will continue to bring her to "the region," thus helping to maintain her friendships and contacts.

In October 1996, NEWW will formally begin a search for a new Executive Director. We have formed a search committee which will widely distribute a position description and application procedures. An announcement will be posted to the <women.east-west> mailing list by the end of September.

While the search for a new Executive Director proceeds, Dr. Elaine Reuben will serve as Acting Director. She will work closely with the Board, International Steering Committee, and staff in the U.S., Russia and Poland to develop new programs for the East-ast Legal Coalition and coordinate ongoing activities such as the NEWW On-Line electronic communication network, On-Line Legal Resource Service, Violence Against Women Program, Gender Studies, and Book and Journal Donation Project. Dr. Reuben was the first director of the National Women's Studies Association in the U.S.; she has 20 years' experience working with non-profit organizations in the areas of education, women's issues, public policy and advocacy. We are looking forward to working with Elaine! She will be e-mailing you soon.

With best wishes,

The NEWW Board of Directors:

Ann Snitow, Chair
Mariam Chamberlain
Cheryl Lehman
Shana Penn
Joanna Regulska
Melissa Stone



on the Russian elections, antimilitarism, pornography,
protest politics in Kosova, the abortion law in Poland...

NOTE: This issue of the Bulletin summarizes postings made between May and July, 1996. However, we have included several messages from earlier months that were posted to our Russian-language conference, <glas.sisters>. Because many of you asked about the kinds of topics discussed on <glas.sisters>, we have summarized them here in English for the first time.



2/26. Petition for Galina Staravoytova

*GS* The St. Petersburg Center for Gender Issues asks for support in gathering enough signatures - 1 million - to nominate Galina Staravoytova for the presidential election. They suggest buying the journal Arguments and Facts, which contains more information on the campaign. Contact:

5/13. A Letter of Support for Galina Staravoytova

*GS* A letter was written by the Initiative Group of Voters to support the candidacy of Galina Staravoytova for the presidency. The letter discusses the importance of her nomination. Contact: Polina Khyupla, +7 095/954-42-78.

5/22. Answer No at the Elections

*GS* NEWW Moscow posted a message discussing the option of choosing "against all" on the ballots and choosing your own candidate. Often, voters will choose the lesser of two evils, voting for a candidate that they do not necessarily support. When choosing a candidate of your choice, one you really support, you are doing the right thing, and only then are you really trying to make a change. Contact:


Czech Republic

5/9. Czech Law and the Roma

*NR* News article from InterPress Service describes loosening of legislative restrictions on Roma living in the Czech Republic, after pressure from groups ranging from the U.S. Congress to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the Council of Europe. Amendments to the law will grant Czech citizenship on a case-by-case basis. Contact: or APC conference,



11/14, 11/13, 1/31. ARA: Against Militarism in Russia

*GS* The Anti-militarist Radical Association (ARA) seeks support among the population to strengthen the right of conscientious objectors to serve alternate civil service, as provided in the new Russian constitution. ARA has collected about 5,000 signatures and needs more to appeal to the Chambers of Parliament and the Russian president. A press release details the imprisonment of 18-year-old Vadim Hesse, a conscientious objector who was jailed for failing to report for the draft despite registering for alternate civil service. Contact: tel/fax: +7 095/923-9127, e-mail:

3/5. Stop Chechen War

*GS* A coalition of NGOs against the war in Chechnya organized to unite organizations opposing the war, educate the public about the war, and give the people a voice to protest the war. This announcement includes a draft of a letter to send to the Russian president, petitioning him to stop the fighting in Chechnya. Contact: tel: +7 095/229-04-32 (ACI), 126-34-75, 126-88-61 (NAN Fund); fax: +7 095/229-05-54 (ACI), 310-70-76 (NAN Fund), e-mail:,



5/24. Porn industry in Hungary (Reuter)

*OL* *NR* News story on explosion of sex industry, including comments by NEWW member Antonia Burrows, who teaches gender studies at Budapest's Eotvos Lorand University and an organizer of NaNE helpline for women victims of domestic violence. Contact:


7/11. Petersburg Center for Gender Studies Files Suit Against Playboy

*OL* The Petersburg Center for Gender Studies filed suit against Russian editions of Playboy, for its column titled "Gallery of Playboy" depicting historical, well-known women in a pornographic light. The center filed suit under the "Defense of Honor, Dignity and Professional Reputation" clause of the Russian constitution. The suit, filed with the Procurator General of Moscow, has not been responded to. The Center is calling for letters of support to use in the case; send to Petersburg Center for Gender Studies, Russia, 195196 St. Petersburg, ul. Stakhanovtsev 13, #415; fax: +7 812/528-18-30, e-mail: (Please note new addresses.) For a complete statement from the Center, contact:



5/24, 5/29. Two Reports on Women's Protests in Kosova

*OL* *NR* Sevdie Ahmeti reports protests by Albanian women on April 23 and May 24, 1996, protesting the murder of Albanian student Armend Daci (20), shot by a civilian Serb sniper, and generally against repression in Kosova. Contact:



7/6. Legalization of Abortion Law in Poland

*OL* On July 9, the legislature in Poland held a committee debate on the liberalization of abortion law and Urszula Nowakowska of the Women's Rights Center in Poland posted a request for letters of support. Contact: Urszula Nowakowska,


7/10. News from Romania

*OL* ANA reported 4 events (contact:

  1. The Policy Project, to create a supportive environment for family planning and reproductive health programs. Contact Daniela Draghici at CEDPA, Tel: 40/1/2123929 and Fax: 40/1/2120790;

  2. The summer school "Women and Men in East-European Transition" in Cluj, July 23-28. Contact: Magyari Vincze in Cluj, fax: +4 64/190-251; e-mail:;

  3. A seminar on domestic violence against women in June in Sinaia, organized by the Council of Social Dialogue for Women from Romania and SIRDO (the Romanian Independent Society for Human Rights);

  4. The conference "Associative Democracy in Romania" on July 12 in Bucharest, organized by the Foundation for Development of Civil Society and S.O.N.G.E. and supported by PHARE. A legal and practical manual for Romanian NGOs was launched.

Domestic Violence

5/24. Research into D.V. (Reuter)

*NR* News story about National Research Council evaluating research into what makes men hurt women, asking for focus on the medical roots of violence and finding out what happens to children who witness the abuse. Contact:

News Alert

Proposed media law and NGO law in Slovakia

5/9. Slovak NGO Law

*NR* In 2 documents, grass-roots activists plead for support against a proposed NGO law in the Slovak parliament. An essay describes the crisis facing civil society, including government control over media, secret police, and privatization, as well as purging opponents from government, NGOs, and other third-sector institutions. Next, a comparison of two versions of the draft law on foundations, one proposed by the government, the other by Slovaks active with NGOs. Contact: Juraj Zamkovsky, Juraj Mesik, Center for Environmental Public Advocacy, Ponicka Huta 65, 976 33 Poniky, Slovak Republic, tel/fax: +42 88/93324, e-mail:

5/9. Slovak Media Law

*NR* News article from InterPress Service details opposition by Slovak journalists to the 15th draft law for the media proposed by the government. Opponents say the draft law permits the government to control permits for new media and omits an explicit ban on censorship. Contact: or APC conference,


Requests for Information & Support

from psychologists, researchers, students, scholars...

East to East

1/26 Women's Literature in Slovakia

*OL* *GS* Etela Farkasova from the Slovak Women's Club seeks information on women's situation in literature, particularly organizations of women authors, important contemporary women authors, the reflection of social change in women's literature, the availability of women's studies programs, and journals dealing with women's issues. Contact: e-mail:

5/22. Women in Politics

A graduate student at CEU is seeking recent statistical studies dealing with women's political participation in Hungary and Poland. Her goal is to correlate economic change with voting behavior. For further information contact:

5/28. Romani War Crimes

The European Roma Rights Center appeals for testimony on Romani War Crimes in the former Yugoslavia. Contact: ERRC, Nadar utca 11,1851 Budapest Hungary, tel: (36-1) 327-3117, e-mail:;;;; (See Organizational Profiles.)

6/5. Business Women in Romania

A Peace Corps volunteer in Romania, working with the Businessmen's Foundation-Constanta, is interested in having this group get in touch with the Women's Studies Club of Slovakia. The Peace Corps recently sponsored a women in development conference for women managers, directors of NGOs in politics, business, social work, education, health and the arts. This group of women would like to make connections with women in other neighboring countries. Contact: Mary Klein, 8700 Constana 1, P.O Box 31, Romania; e-mail:

East to West

5/22. Need English teachers

*NR* The League of Women of Ukraine in Uzhgorod seeks English-speaking volunteers to teach English to their members. Contact: Maria Zilgalova, Women's Information Consultative Center, 10/24, Chelyuskintciv Street, 294015 Uzhgorod, Ukraine, fax: +380 3122/2-59-54, or Kiev, fax: +380 44/227-07-04, e-mail:

5/25. American and Russian Stereotyping of Women

A psychologist from Moscow State University is currently doing cross-cultural research in the US related to the effects of women's stereotyping in the social consciousness of both Americans and Russians. She is seeking Americans, both men and women, to complete a questionnaire regarding her research. She is willing to distribute the questionnaire by e-mail or post. She is also looking for a list of women's organizations in Berkeley, California. Please contact Olga Mitina for further information:

West to East

5/7. Polish criminal code

*NR* Barbara Kryszko, of University of Michigan, asks how reform of the criminal code in Poland will affect women, and whether women's groups are lobbying the Sejm on domestic violence or other issues. Contact:

5/8. Network Members in Slovenia

*B* Sharon Ladin, associate director of IWRAW, is seeking network members in Slovenia to provide current status information on the position of women in their countries. Information will be compiled and used in independent reports for the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women and the upcoming review of Slovenian countries by CEDAW at the January 1997 session. For information or requests for information, contact:

5/20. Legal Responses to Domestic Violence

*NR* A law student, who has worked for victims of domestic violence in the U.S. for more than six years, asks for information about work currently being done in FSU/CEE countries to provide for victims of domestic violence: what kinds of laws and which system would work best for which jurisdiction. Contact: Kristen Hansen, e-mail:

5/21. Women NGOs from East-Central Europe

Independent researcher Marie-Anne Desjardhis seeks women NGOs from East Central Europe working on an international level to provide information on current regional projects. Contact: e-mail: marieanne_desjar@ccig

5/30. Enterprise Survey

The First Forward Institute is conducting a survey to determine the experiences, practices, and concepts of enterprise development and management. They request those members of the WEW conference who currently own and run businesses to complete a fairly short survey via e-mail. Individual responses will be kept confidential. Contact: e-mail:

6/3. Women in the City Atlas

Europaforum Wien is editing the atlas Women in the City, which offers a forum to portray and describe municipal policies in favor of women in some Eastern European capitals such as Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Bucharest, Sofia, Warsaw, Ljubljana, Riga, Tallin, Vilnius. By editing the atlas, Europaforum Wien wants to contribute to the recording and the reflection of the present situation of women in these cities and put it at the disposal of interested persons and organizations. With the atlas they intend to broaden knowledge about living conditions and the current state of the cities and aim to initiate networking and cooperation across borders. They are requesting that interested persons fill out a questionnaire.

For a copy of the questionnaire or further information on this project, contact: Cecilia Weiermair, Europaforum Wien, Rahlgasse 3/2, 1060 Wien, Austria; tel: (43-1-585) 85-10-25; fax: (43-1-585) 85-10-30; e-mail:

6/24. Women's Studies Questionnaire

*GS* Sonja Milbourne has compiled a women's studies questionnaire and seeks an exchange of perspectives regarding the collective experiences of women, from women around the world. Contact: Irina Doskich, e-mail:, or Sonja Milbourne: 121 North Emporia, El Dorado, Kansas, 67042, U.S.A.

6/25. Role of Women in Croatia

Dr. Barbara Pitz seeks contact with Croatian women willing to share information about the role/status of women in Croatia and about their lives. Contact: Dr. Barbara Pitz, e-mail:


3/5. Croatian Pro-Lifers Attack Women's Rights

*GS* B.a.B.e., Women's Human Rights Group calls upon all international, national, and women's human rights organizations to lobby against the Croatian National Program for Demographic Development. The program, backed by pro-life organizations, and its supporting laws are exclusive, ethnically oriented, and fundamentally anti-woman as they announce a policy to exclude women from labor and the public world and return them to the traditional roles of mothers and spouses. Contact: Young Women and Democracy Programme, tel/fax: +31-20-6925813 or e-mail:


Wanted: Success Stories

In February, Milena Savova, a linguistics professor from Bulgaria, posted a notice on <women.east-west> about a job opportunity teaching American English in Varna, Bulgaria. She received 50 responses to her posting, and the job was filled quickly.

Do you have a similar success story? Have you asked for information and gotten more than you ever expected? Have you used the information from <women.east-west> or <neww.rights> to help your work on behalf of women's rights in your city or country?

Please send your success stories to - we're eager to learn how NEWW's conferences are working in women's lives.



Please note: Some information is presented on both web sites and mailing lists. Please refer to both sections for addresses. The following lists and web sites are in English unless otherwise noted.

Mailing Lists

5/3. Hungarian Women's Mailing List
LISTNAME: Contact Eva Thun,
A gender studies list primarily in Hungarian, some English.

5/13. Violence Against Women Listserv, FAVNET
Contact Marc Dubin,
A new mailing list for survivors, social workers, shelter workers, lawyers, law students, and others concerned with violence against women.

5/16. Gender and Economy News and Discussion
SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION: Contact Young Women and Democracy Programme (YWD), e-mail:
A Gender and Economy Working Group e-mail conference to discuss feminist perspectives on economics, coordinating with the Siberian Youth Initiative in the coming year.

5/29. Pavnet Mailing List
Partnerships Against Violence, PAVNET, hosts discussions nationally and internationally on anti-violence issues.

6/06. Cyberspace Law Course for Non-Lawyers
LISTNAME: cyberspace-law
CONTACTS: Alan Lewine, Cyberspace-Law Listmaster,; Gina Faber,
The Cyberspace Law Institute and Counsel Connect introduce the Cyberspace Law for Non-Lawyers electronic course, available through a one-way listserv over the course of three months.

7/15. Law Conferences List Mailing List and Web Site
LISTNAME: conferences
Information about legal and Internet-related conferences.

7/31. News from Eastern Europe
The Open Media Research Institute (successor to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty) produces daily news digests and occasional special reports from Russia, Transcaucasia/Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and Southeastern Europe.

World Wide Web

5/6. Three Domestic Violence Web Sites

*NR* Web sites for domestic violence issues:

  1. ABA Commission on Domestic Violence

  2. The Family Violence Prevention Fund; Partnerships Against Violence - Pavnet Online

  3. SafetyNet Domestic Violence Resources

5/7. DV Clearinghouse

*NR* The Minnesota Higher Education Center Against Violence and Abuse is starting an on-line clearinghouse, including bibliographies on domestic and sexual violence, child abuse, genocide, other hate crimes; scholarly papers and articles; course syllabi; listing of funders; and links to other electronic resources about violence and abuse. The clearinghouse seeks information about international groups working on these issues. Contact: Andrea Bible, Higher Education Center Against Violence and Abuse, 386 McNeal Hall, University of Minnesota, 1985 Buford Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota 55108-6142, USA, fax: +1 612/625-4288; e-mail:

5/9. War Crimes Tribunal on Web

*NR* The Web site of Court TV, Court TV Law Center, U.S. cable television network, has background documents for the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, including indictments, legal documents, and news articles.

5/10. Hungarian Women's Site

The Web site HÍR-NÕK: Hungarian Women's Pages offers information about women's organizations and issues in Hungary. Contains profiles of other NGOs in CEE as well. Primarily in Hungarian with English translations underway.

5/26. Asian Businesswomen

Women-Connect-Asia: Networking Business Women in Southeast Asia is available to women who do business in Southeast Asia. Contact: Rosemary Brisco,

5/29. DV WWW

*NR* Kate's Feminism Page contains information on domestic violence and sexual assault.

7/13. Violence Against Women Web Site

*NR* The Violence Against Women Office at the U.S. Department of Justice opened a web site with information on U.S. laws on violence against women, the U.S. National Violence Hotline, federal reports and statistics on violence against women, links to other resources, and more.

7/15. Legal Web Sites

*NR* FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources is a collection of pointers to free legal resources on the Internet.

Law Crawler is a search tool that claims to search all legal sites on the Web.

7/15 Legal Conferences Site

The Cyber and Legal Conferences page (Conflist), a World Wide Web site with information about legal and Internet-related conferences, has recently been updated.

7/16. IREX's Human Rights in Russia Web Site

*B* The International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), has opened The Open WEB Project, a web site dealing with human rights in Russia, providing a list of Russian non-governmental human rights organizations, reports, programs of charitable foundations, etc. Please send information to: or

7/31. OMRI News Digest

The OMRI Daily Digest offers a daily news digest and special reports on Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.


7/29. Latvian Information On-Line

For those seeking information on educational and cultural issues, as well as books, maps, and other products offered through the ALA Press, the American Latvian Association's (ALA) new e-mail is now active:

Electronic Newsletters and E-zines

5/28 U.S. Justice Department Online

*NR* The U.S. Department of Justice and the Office of Justice Programs provides a bi-monthly electronic newsletter containing criminal justice news and information on service and publications. Contact: JUSTINFO, e-mail:

6/10. ACLU Cyber-Liberties Update Info

*NR* The ACLU Cyber-Liberties Update is an e-zine on cyber-liberties cases and controversies at the state and federal level. Subscription address:; list name: Cyber-Liberties. Contact: Lisa Kamm, editor, e-mail:

6/12. DV Info On-Line

*NR* The vol.1, no.4, 1996 issue of the Women'space magazine/e-zine focuses on violence against women. This and other issues are located on the Women'space WWW site. This introduction is followed by Jo Sutton's article listing Internet sites on violence against women.


Technical Support


5/22. Internet Provider in Latvia

Internet service provider in Riga, Latvia: Bilteks Ltd..

6/4. Albanian Internet Connection

Tirana FreeNet has a permanent connection to Holland at 32Kb/sec. Several clients have direct internet access to this network with wireless connections or leased lines through UNDP, and more than 20 organizations have dial-up e-mail service. Contact: Rezart Andoni, UNDP Internet Project, Network Administrator; tel: +355 42/33148, 33149; fax: +355 42/32075, 34448; e-mail:


5/30. Instructions for WWW Use

*GS* The Network of East-West Women posted a set of instructions for using the World Wide Web. Step by step, the instructions describe how to find your way from the main menu to the Web page you are looking for. The Russian NEWW Web site is called The GlasNet Home Page. Contact:


Organizational Profiles

for business, consulting, law, science, support against abuse...


5/9. Women's Center in Tirana

*OL* Sonila Qirjaku announces upcoming activities for the Women's Center in Tirana, Albania, including voter education, a gender issues database, seminars on Beijing conference issues for Albanian women, and English courses for women from NGOs in Albania. Contact:

5/9. Women's Legal Group in Albania (WLG)

*B* WLG is a coalition of 12 women's groups in Albania, to analyze legislation and make recommendations to the Albanian Parliament. WLG advocates the inclusion of the rights and protections for women and girls in Albanian law, with current focus on existing legislation concerning penal codes, abortion, and social insurance and hopes to affect future legislation about family codes, constitution, and civil procedure codes. WLG offers training and informational seminars for its members. Contact: Women's LegalGroup, Qendra e Gruas, Rr. Myslym Shyri, P.54, Sh.1 Ap.3, P.O. Box 2418, Tirana, Albania, tel/fax: +355 42/23693, e-mail:

5/20. League of Albanian Women (LAW)

LAW is a free independent, pluralist, and democratic association based in Tetove, open to all women and girls. Its objective is to protect and reflect women's interests, according with current international human rights agreements. LAW's current focus is to protect women's and children's health and to institutionalize the protection of families and children by opening advisory centers. Contact: Ms. Myqereme Rusi, psychologist and President of LAW at tel: +389 94-20-17.


7/23 The Center for Women War Victims

*NR* The Center for Women War Victims in Zagreb has been helping women affected by war, regardless of nationality, since 1992. Activities include individual and group counseling, aid, information, advocacy, and promotional work for refugee rights and aganst violence against women, trainings, a shelter for refugee women and children (Rosa house), publishing, health education, and conflict resolution. Contact: Center for Women War Victims, Centar za zene zrtve rata, Djodjiceva 6, 1000 Zagreb, Croatia, tel:+3851/434-189, fax: +3851/433-416, e-mail:

Czech Republic

5/10. Sexual Abuse Support Center

*NR* The Elektra Centre for sexually abused and raped women in Prague is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic. Contact: Family Counseling for Prague Q East (Poradna pro rodinu Praha-vy-chod), Mrg Jirina Dolanska, Zborovska 11, 150 52 Praha 5, CzechRepublic, tel: +42 2/2455-2241 or 2455-2719. For Bulletin of Prague Gender Center, which describes Elektra Centre, contact: Prague Gender Studies Centre, Namesti 14.rijna 16, 150 00 Prague 5, Czech Republic, tel/fax: +42 2/544-225, e-mail:

5/31. PROFEM: Consulting Center for Women's Projects in Prague

PROFEM, a Central European consulting center, supports projects that contribute to women's social, personal, and political empowerment in Central Europe. It focuses on women in non-profits and NGOs, violence against women, women and information technology, and women and politics. They offer training and seminars for women from the NGO sector, for specialists dealing with women in crisis, as well as self-defense training for all women. PROFEM also offers consulting on all aspects of NGO management, and is currently coordinating a network against violence against women. Contact: PROFEM, Nrodni dum Smichov, Nam. 14. rijna 16, 150 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic; tel/fax: +42 2/542 645; e-mail: profem@cz.ecn

Eastern Germany

6/11. East German Women's Views

Simone Shoemaker went to a town in Eastern Germany in summer 1995 to collect video footage for a documentary on the situation of women after the reunification. The original message, which summarized Shoemaker's findings, was followed by a discussion on-line that looked at the different responses East German women had to the changes in their lives. For further information on East German women, contact: or


7/23 NaNE

*NR* *OL* Founded in Budapest, Hungary, in January 1994, NaNE, Women Working with Women Against Violence, operates a hotline for victims of violence and has programs in training, research, education, and public awareness. Contact: 1093 Budapest, Vamhazkrt 7, tel/fax: +36 1/216-1670, tel: +361/216-5900, e-mail:


3/20. Association of Women Scientists of Karakalpakstan

*GS* Established in January 1995, the Association of Women Scientists of Karakalpakstan is creating a registry/directory of women in science with descriptions of their research work. The association also works to attract young women to careers in the sciences and to improve access to opportunities for women academics and graduate students. Contact: Saryigul Baxadirova, e-mail:


6/13. Women's Rights Center - Poland

*B* Founded in 1994, the Women's Rights Center in Warsaw, Poland, was created: (1) to change the law and the application of the law, as well as the customs and habits of the larger culture that violate gender equality, (2) to ensure that a gender perspective is included in the creation and implementation of the law, as well as in governmental and non-governmental projects and programs, (3) to foster recognition of women's rights as human rights, (4) to educate and sensitize society about discrimination and violence against women, particularly within the legal community, and (5) to raise women's awareness of their rights through publications and by providing legal assistance to women who are victims of discrimination and violence. Contact: Director: Urszula Nowakowsk, Women's Rights Center, ul. Emilii Platter 55 m. 44, 00-113 Warsaw, Poland; tel: +48 22/652-01-17; fax: +48 22/620 76 24; e-mail:


12/25/95. Lyubava

*OL* *GS* "Lyubava" is an NGO in Kaluga working for women's legal rights and observation of international documents. Activities include creating organizations to help women subjected to violence or discrimination during the period of transition.Contact: Lyubova, Mixialova, tel: +7 0842/12-59-33, e-mail:

5/15. Russian Crisis Centers

*NR* The Russian Association of Crisis Centers for Women, created in October 1994, seeks partnerships with similar organizations and individuals from other countries. RACCW is developing the Research, Education and Advocacy Program (REAP) to educate the public; conduct research to inform public policy and laws related to violence against women; facilitate communication among women's organizations and crisis centers; and share outreach strategies. Contact: Russian Association of Crisis Centers for Women (RACW), "Sisters," P.O. Box 38, 113035 Moscow, tel: +7 095/129-1001 or 141-7226, e-mail:, or in the U.S.: c/o MSARC, 666 Fifth Avenue, Suite 527, New York, N.Y. 10103.

5/30. St. Petersburg Crisis Centre

*NR* *GS* Founded in 1991, the Crisis Psychological Centre for Women is the first service center for survivors of sexual violence in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Centre researches sexual assault, disseminates information through the media, and engages in outreach activities. It will also set up a hotline and educational programs and is recruiting and training volunteers. Contact: Natalia Khodyreva & Larisa Korneva, Petersburg Crisis Centre for Women, ul. Budapestskaya 38/3 kv. 130, 192071 St. Petersburg Russia, tel.: +7 812/260 5458, 275-0330, e-mail:,

5/22. Information Center of the Independent Women's Forum (ICIWF)

*GS* ICIWF has been networking, exchanging information, and advocating for women's rights in Russia since 1991. In collaboration with the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), ICIWF is preparing a series of seminars and a matching micro-grant program in three cities, focusing on women and social partnership, with the goal of facilitating sustainable development of women's NGOs, and gender and women's studies organizations in Russia. Contact: e-mail:


2/3. New Organization in Kiev

*GS* The "Amazon Women - Women Breaking Stereotypes," a new organization in Kiev, Ukraine, asks for support, especially in the area of computers. Contact:


7/18. The Alliance of American and Russian Women, Inc. (ARAW)

ARAW is a non-profit organization founded in 1991 in response to the poverty and dislocation Russian women have suffered from the economic shifts in the former Soviet Union. Its mission is to assist Russian women in micro-enterprises, leading to economic independence. Contact: Andrea Sengstacken, executive director, ARAW, 50 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10020, USA, tel: +1 212/492-8976, fax: +1 212/977-3022, e-mail:


5/24. The European Roma Rights Center (ERRC)

ERRC, an international NGO, is a public interest law organization defending the human rights of Roma. Its purpose is to advocate for the transnational, geographically diverse Romani community and be a legal resource for Romani rights. ERRC gives Roma tools to combat discrimination and win equal access to government, education, employment, health care, housing, and public services. Contact: ERRC, Nador utca 11, 1051-Budapest, Hungary, tel: +36 1/327-3117/3118; e-mail:;;;; (See Requests for Information.)

6/13. TOOLConsult

TOOLConsult, a small organization working for small enterprise development and women's employment in countries in the South and East, seeks to contact organizations - governmental, non-governmental, or private sector - in the same field. Contact: Saskia Everts, e-mail:

6/25. Pacific News Service

Pacific News Service is a 25-year-old network of writers, scholars, free-lance journalists, and teenagers who explore the diverse terrain of private cultures emerging worldwide and their impact on the broader civil realm. Each day PNS transmits a 600 to 1,000-word article to over 100 news media outlets. Contact: PNS, tel: +1 415/243-4364 or e-mail:

7/11. The Women's Rights Network (WRN)

WRN was founded in September 1995 to foster international dialogue and collaboration around domestic violence issues. Current program areas will consist of (1) local presentations on innovative strategies being used elsewhere, (2) establishment of "sister" organization-relationships between Massachusetts-based women's groups and those abroad, (3) small-scale intensive advocacy training, and (4) a quarterly journal. Contact Carrie Cuthbert or Kim Slote, co-directors, WRN, One Post Office Square, Site 1900, Boston, Massachusetts 02109 USA, tel: +1 617/832-1276/1277, fax: +1 617/832-7000, e-mail:


Medica Zenica in Bosnia

6/4, 6/6, 6/7, 6/10, 6/12, 7/23. News from Infoteka Medica-Zenica

*OL* *B* Medica-Zenica posted a 14-part report documenting all aspects of its work with women and children refugees in Bosnia: medical and counseling clinics, residences for those with no homes, a kindergarten, and workshop for making and selling crafts. The report includes moving accounts and personal stories of the traumas suffered by Bosnian women from displacement, loss of loved ones, and sexual assault. ("Dina's Story," below, is one of the posted reports.) For a copy of the reports or further information, contact Medica-Zenica: tel: (387-72) 265-941/37104, (387-72) 36-594/36-566, Satellite tel: (00871) 112-1241; tel/fax: (387-72) 44-6581; e-mail: or

Dina's Story


My name is Dina and I am a refugee from Central Bosnia. In May 1992, I left my home in the hope of returning two or three days later. My father stayed in the village. In June he was picked up and since then there has been no trace of him. I stayed in Cental Bosnia, the free part of Bosnia, for two months and then I went to Croatia. My husband insisted on it, although I wanted to stay because I thought we would soon be able to return home. Once, when my husband had been visiting me and had to go back to the war, he cried when we were saying good-bye. He knew what was happening. I looked at him and started to cry, too. Suddenly, everything became clear to me.

Time of Death

At that moment I truly realized that we were up to our necks in it, that what I had thought up until then (that nothing would happen to us because we were innocent) was not true. It was they that took from us, not we from them. Then the time of death began. We heard about friends and relatives dying. They died as if it was something quite normal, one after the other. Even then I feared the worst for my husband and my brother. But I didn't know exactly when it would happen. In Croatia, I could only get in tuch with my family occasionally. Then I learned of the death of my next of kin, but I couldn't believe it. I contacted a few institutions in order to get more information, but I received no reply.

In March 1993, I left Croatia and returned to Central Bosnia. In April, my old neighbors left the village. They confirmed my father's death. Soon afterwards, I lost my mother as well. My school-friends also died at the front line - they were standing on the other side. This all depressed me a great deal and I was plagued by many questions to which I had no answers. I was told that just after they had taken my father away they came looking for me. I wondered why. I had mixed feelings: happiness because I escaped, annoyance, disappointment, and anger.

That's when I first started having problems with my health. The doctors did their best to help me, but I lapsed into an ever-worsening crisis, could tolerate no one and was afraid of all unknown things. I could be neither wife nor mother. I felt exhausted and as if I had lost myself.


I came to a relative in Zenica and told her of my problems. She brought me to Medica. At first I was very confused and mistrustful: how could these people help me? I had lost my will, my self-confidence, and my faith in human beings. I came to Medica and after my first discussions with the staff, the film in my head gradually rewound.

After a certain amount of time, I noticed that some of my physical complaints had disappeared and that, day by day, I was gaining self-confidence and returning to a normal way of life.

This place means a lot to me. It brought me back to the reality that every woman should accept. It gave me the strength to oppose the enemy in a completely different way, a way which is perhaps stronger than weapons, a way which gives me the strength to protect my family. Each of us who protects their family and preserves common sense can say with certainty that she has also protected Bosnia-Hercegovina.

- Dina, a resident at Medica


Conferences, Meetings, Seminars

in Budapest, California, Hamburg, Moscow, Volkhov, Zagreb...


5/3. International Forum for Women and the Politics of Peace

October 25-28,1996, Zagreb, Croatia

The Centre for Women Studies in Zagreb invites 50 women from the Balkans and neighboring countries and other areas marked by long-lasting wars, as well as friends and supporters to attend workshops and plenary sessions. Contact: Centre for Women's Studies, Palmotieva 5, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia; tel: +385 1/279-821, 279-189; fax: +385 1/433-416, 279-821; e-mail:

5/6. 6th International IFIP Conference on Women, Work, and Computerization

May 24-27, 1997, Bonn, Germany

The theme for this conference, IFIP-WWC 97, is "Spinning the Web from Past to Future," focusing on how computer technology is transforming different areas of society, with an emphasis on changes in women's work and life. Papers due: October 1, 1996. Contact: e-mail:

5/6. Women in the Heart of Europe Conference

October 3-5, 1996, Budapest, Hungary

The conference will have panels on: (1) the organization of labor (sick leave, training, employment, and the voluntary sector); (2) inspiring women to become involved in politics; (3) developing strength in the non-governmental sector; (4) the role of tradition in defining women's possibilities. To register for Women in the Heart of Europe Conference, contact: Women in the Heart of Europe Programme, P.O. Box 16 625 / 1001 RC Amsterdam, The Netherlands, tel: +31 20/624-77-43, fax: +31 20/638-46-08, e-mail: Deadline for papers was July 1, 1996. Contact: Else Rose Kuiper; e-mail:

5/21. Violence Against Women: Taking Back Our Lives at Home and Beyond

October 19, 1996, New Paltz, New York

*NR* The New Paltz Annual Women's Studies Conference on activism and empowerment on personal, community, and global levels. The conference will address a variety of issues including rape; immigrant women; institutional violence such as female genital mutilation, incarcerated women; psychological response; lesbian battering; legal issues; and media messages. Contact: Susan Lehrer or Pat Clarke at the Women's Studies office at tel: +1 914/257-2975 or -mail: or

6/6. Frontline Feminism Conference

January 16-18, 1997, Riverside, California

A Frontline Feminism Conference entitled "Women, War and Resistance" is being organized by the Center for Women in Coalition at the University of California, Riverside. The conference aims to link feminist activists and grass-roots organizers engaged in innovative feminist activities with scholars and policy-makers engaged in theorizing conflict and promoting cooperation, in the context of militarized situations around the world. Women from around the world are invited. Workshop and paper proposals were due August 1, 1996. Contact: Piya Chatterjee and Marguerite Waller, Department of Women's Studies, UC Riverside, Riverside, California 92521 USA, fax: 909-787-6386, e-mail: or

6/27. Women in Business: Alliance for Success

October 3-13, 1996, Moscow, Novgorod, Volkhov, St. Petersburg, Russia

The Alliance of Russian and American Women is now inviting panelists, workshop leaders, and mentors to participate in its October conference series. The conference will assist/advise 200 Russian women entrepreneurs. Contact: Andrea Sengstacken, executive director, Alliance of Russian and American Women, Inc., 50 Rockerfeller Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10020 USA; tel: 212-492-8976; fax: 212-977-3022; e-mail:

7/27. Follow-up Activities to Beijing in Africa, Europe, and USA

July 1997, Hamburg, Germany

Activities to follow-up on the Beijing meetings continue around the world. In Europe, the 5th International Conference on Adult Education will meet in Hamburg. Led by UNESCO in collaboration with other UN agencies and the International Council on Adult Education (ICAE), the gathering will bring together representatives from government, NGOs, and the private sector to identify priorities and strategies for the coming century. The coordinator for the Women's Empowerment theme is Carol Anonuevo: tel: +49 40/4-80-410; fax: +49 40/410-77-23; e-mail:

In Summer 1996

6/27. Women in Black Conference
August 1-4, 1996, Novi Sad, Vojvodina
Contact: laurence.h@zamir-bg.ztn.apc.or g

5/10. Two Domestic Violence Workshops Organized by ABA/CEELI
June 1996, Moscow and St. Petersburg
Contact Dan McGrory, u

6/27. International Women in Business Conference
June 21-25, 1996, Samara, Russia
Contact: the Samara City Administration, tel: (7-8462) 332-005 or 335-356; fax: (7-8462) 332-635; or contact Roseann Casey, Peace Corps, Togliatti, Russia; e-mail:

7/18. Marina Pisklakova & Galia Kalimova of the Russian Association of Crisis Centers
Meeting of June 22, 1996, West Coast NEWW, U.S.A.
Contact: Emily Stoper,

5/30. Conference on the Role of Women in the Polish Transformation
June 21-22, 1996, Katowice, Poland
Contact: Elizabeth McLean Petras, e-mail:

5/8. UN Meeting on Violence Against Women Migrant Workers
May 27-31, 1996, Manila, Philippines
Contact: DAW, e-mail: and, Web: The United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women.

5/6. Women in Transition Workshop
May 10, 1996, New York, U.S.A.
Maria Nemenyi, professor of social psychology at ELTE University and Pecs University spoke on "Women in Hungary." Contact: Nanette Funk, e-mail:

The following conferences are described in the Reports section of this bulletin:

5/14 UN Habitat II
June 3-14, Istanbul, Turkey

5/24 Women in Middle Europe Today
May 20-22, Bratislava, Slovakia
Contact: Slovak Women's Studies Club, e-mail:

6/4 Kola Peninsula Congress of Women
April 19-25, Murmansk, Russia

6/11. Gender Equality in Labor Market
June 27-29, 1996, Warsaw, Poland,
*OL* Contact: Women's Rights Center; tel: +48 22/652-01-17; fax: +48 22/620-76-24; e-mail:

6/26. Third Exhibition of Women's Project-96
June 26-28, 1996, St. Petersburg, Russia
Contact: Christopher Kedzie, program officer, Ford Foundation, e-mail:

7/5. Women's Exhibit
July 9, 1996, Baku, Azerbaijan
Contact the ISAR-Baku director, Doug Campbell, or the general address,

7/23. "Getting to Know Each Other"
June 6-8, Tirana, Albania.



on labor; business; human rights; women and conflict; politics;
domestic violence, sexual violence, prostitution; housing,
libraries, United Nations, e-mail trainings...


5/24. Announcement--Women's Studies Club of Slovakia

*OL* The Austrian Embassy of Slovakia held a conference on "Women in Middle Europa Today," May 20-22, regarding women's situation in post-socialist countries in comparison with western women, with participants from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, and Slovakia. The main focus was women and labor. Contact:

5/27. Statement from B.a.B.e. on Croatian Governmental Commission

B.a.B.e., a women's human rights group in Croatia, released a statement concerning willingness to cooperate with the Governmental Commission for Equality on initiatives related to labor, equal opportunity in employment, professional training, and especially equal pay for equal work, a currently neglected concern. B.a.B.e. stressed that improvement in these areas will facilitate greater participation of women in decision making. B.a.B.e. also recommended these suggestions: (1) establishment of a Ministry for Gender Equality; (2) the creation of laws that correspond with the "principles of equality"; (3) amendments to the draft bill on family relations and the bill on abortion; and (4) an advisory body to the Commission made up of women working with NGOs focusing on these issues. Contact: babe_zg@zamir-zg.comlink.apc. org

7/29, 7/31. Gender Equality in the Labor Market

*OL* Conference report available on: "Legal and Institutional Guarantees for Gender Equality in the Labor Market: National Models and International Standards." Four discussion groups investigated: (1) international institutions promoting gender equality; (2) legal and institutional guarantees for gender equality; (3) East Central European perspectives, levels of standard setting, and needs for adjustment; and (4) the role international financial institutions can play in promoting gender equality. Conference organized by: Women's Rights Center, e-mail:


6/26. Women's Project-96 in St. Petersburg

The third exhibition of Women's Project-96 was held June 26-28. Organized by the Moscow institute Women in Management and the St. Petersburg Population Employment Committee, it presented innovative business projects, new enterprises, business expansion, and noncommercial projects and employers' projects to increase women's employment. Contact: Christopher Kedzie, program officer, Ford Foundation, e-mail:

Human Rights

5/8. Report on Women's Human Rights, NYU

*B* Rhonda Copelon discussed women's human rights on April 24, 1996, in a talk co-sponsored by NEWW and NYU Graduate Women's History Program. Copelon focused on legal accountability and war crimes tribunals, emphasizing that it is important to keep pressure on the tribunal by insisting that sexual violence should play a central role in war crimes prosecution. She noted that women must be recognized as human and as victims of violence and that human dignity is at the core of human rights. Copelon continued by discussing rape in war, Japanese "comfort women," Bangladesh, Bosnia, Rwanda, and Haiti. Contact: newwny@igc:women.east-west

Women and Conflict

5/13. Comments by Bosnian Refugee

Ankica Petrovich, a refugee from Bosnia, spoke at West Coast NEWW on May 11, 1996. She described living in Sarajevo during the siege and discussed the impact of the war on gender roles. She had been proud of the multicultural life of the city before the war and emphasized that this is not a battle among Muslims, Serbs, and Croats, but of "extremist" members of all three groups, mostly of rural origin. Contact:

6/18. Situation in Bosnia

The Bosnia Action Coalition asked for support in lobbying Washington, D.C., to fulfill promises made in the Dayton peace agreements. Late June and early July were critical months in terms of implementing the Dayton accord. The group believed that President Clinton was pushing for the agreed-upon election, despite violations of the Dayton accords. The topics broached for lobbying were freedom of movement for Muslim refugees, arrests of war crimes suspects, propaganda, fear, housing, etc. Supporters were askd to contact the U.S. president at: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C. 20500 USA; tel: +1 202/456-1111; fax: +1 202/456-2461; e-mail: Contact: (Update: The elections are taking place as scheduled.)

7/8. Commemoration in Bosnia

On July 11, a delegation traveled to Tuzla to speak at an event commemorating the fall of Srebrenica. The Women of Srebrenica Project, created to garner global support on behalf of the women of Srebrenica, distributed open letters of support worldwide for the 30,000 survivors currently in need of aid. For more information, contact:

7/10. Kosova Under Flagrant and Systematic Violation of Rights

The Centre for Protection of Women and Children and the Council for the Defense of Human Rights and Freedoms reported human rights violations in Kosova, with details on background, arrests, detentions, convictions, Albanian police, exploitation, refugee life, and colonization. The report addresses the human rights of women and children and presents its findings to the international community as both a warning and a call for action. For the full document contact:


6/25. Women's Political Participation in Eastern Europe

*OL* On June 14-16, Zenska Infoteka in Zagreb held a seminar on women political participants in Eastern Europe. Reports were presented on different aspects of women's involvement in political processes, noting women's markedly low levels of political participation at national and international levels, except at the local level. Contact: Zenska Infoteka, Berislaviceva 14, 41000 Zagreb; tel: +385 1/276-188; fax: +385 1/422-926; e-mail: zenskainfo_zg@zamir-zgcomlin

6/25. News Analysis on Gen. Alexander Lebed

The Pacific News Service posted a less than flattering article about Gen. Alexander Lebed, titled "Gen Alexander Lebed - Russia's Loose Cannon a la Ollie North." For a copy of the article or further information, contact: Pacific News Service, 450 Mission Street, Rm. 204, San Francisco, California 94105 USA; tel: +1 415/243-4364; e-mail:

7/18. Communist Comeback in Belarus?

Michael Szporer reported, for the Library of Congress Information Bulletin, on Zenon Paznyak's lecture at a Round Table discussion in Washington, D.C., on July 9. Paznyak, leader of the Belarusian Popular Front (BNF), pointed toward possible warning signs of a communist comeback in Belarus. Pulling away from democratic values, falling back on old patterns, governmental censorship, etc., are all symptoms of a dangerous political backlash. For a complete copy of the draft, contact:

Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Prostitution

5/6. Belgrade & Kosova

*OL* NR Report from SOS Hotline for Women and Girls in Belgrade, Serbia, volunteer training; publications issued; and a description of harassment of Albanian women traveling together with Serbian women on a train from Hungary. At the border, Yugoslav customs police insisted the Albanian women could not sit with Serbian women and had to move to another compartment. Contact: Lepa Mladjenovic, zenski_centar@zamir-bg.ztn.

5/8. Russian DV Statistics

*NR* The Moscow Sexual Assault Recovery Center "Syostri" reported on use of its rape crisis hotline in the last 8 months of 1994: there were 2,008 calls, 455 involving sexual/domestic violence, 134 involving rape; 66 percent of callers knew the rapists. For complete report, contact:

5/9. NEWW DV Panel

*NR* Summary of "Women and Violence" panel at conference "Status of Women in New Market Economies," April 1996, co-sponsored by NEWW and the University of Connecticut School of International Law. For complete text of summary, contact:

5/29. Cracow/Poland DV Conference:
"Violence in Families - Violence against Women"

*OL* *NR* A conference on domestic violence co-sponsored by the Women's Foundation "eFKa" and by the Batory Foundation and the Dutch Embassy in Poland was held in Cracow, Poland, October 13-14, 1995, attended by psychologists, lawyers, NGO representatives, and journalists. The recently founded Association against Domestic Violence ("Sunshine") was formally introduced. A practical result of the conference was a leaflet on domestic violence to be distributed to local schools to educate teachers. Contact:

5/29. DV and Disability

*NR* Two reports focusing on domestic violence and disability in Australia are available: (1) Access to services for women with disabilities who are subjected to violence (December 1993; Office of the Status of Women); (2) Reclaiming our rights: access to existing police, legal and support services for women with disabilities or who are deaf or hearing-impaired who are subject to violence (April 1995; New South Wales Department of Women). Contact: Lesley Chenoweth, Faculty of Health & Behavioural Sciences, Griffith University, Nathan Q. 4111, Australia, tel.: +61 7/3875-5250, fax: +61 7/3875-7007,

6/13. UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women

*NR* NEWW posted excerpts from the 1996 report of the UN special rapporteur on violence against women in four parts, including sections on a definition of violence in the family, domestic violence as a violation of human rights, legislation on domestic violence as reported by governments, legal mechanisms, and recommendations. Full text of 1996 and 1995 reports can be found at the gopher site,, or for the shortened version, contact

7/11. Prostitution in Bosnia

*OL* Medica Zenica reports that prostitution among young women and girls in Zenica is increasing. Most of the clients are international male members of the humanitarian aid organizations whose task it is to improve the living conditions in Bosnia. By buying sex, they are taking advantage of the economic need and inexperience of these young women who were also subject to rape, sexual violation, and torture during the war. Medica is monitoring the situation and is asking all organizations working with women and girls to (1) provide information on the subject; (2) mobilize donors and head offices for setting up income-generating projects for women and girls in Bosnia; and (3) dismiss male staff members having sex with minors or taking advantage of the situation in Zenica.Contact: tel: +387 72/265-941/37104, +387 72/36-594/36-566, satellite tel: (00871) 112-1241; tel/fax: +387 72/414-6581; e-mail:

7/23. "Getting to Know Each other"

*B* The Minnesota Human Rights Advocates organized an Inter-Balkan Workshop on Domestic Violence in Tirana, Albania, on June 6-8. Delegations from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Kosova, Romania, Hungary, and Albania took part in workshops for advocate-volunteer traning, public education, legal strategies, and volunteer mobilization. For a complete summary of the workshop, contact:


5/14. Conference-UN Habitat II

UN Habitat II was held June 3-14, 1996 at the Istanbul Technical University, while an NGO Forum met next door. The Steering Committee on Women, a coalition of women's groups, exhibited successful examples of housing and community development projects that address women's concerns. Bringing the perspective of grass-roots women into the debate was a joint venture to make child care available. Contact:


5/7. Women's Information-Documentation Center

*OL* The Women's Information Center received 30 books in English by recent American women writers from Aunt Lute Books, publisher in San Francisco (feminism, medicine, women's studies, and fiction). The center now has 1,060 titles and 150 magazines.

United Nations

6/4. Update on U.N. Meetings of Relevance to Beijing

The International Women's Tribune Centre posted in Globalnet 57 a list of meetings held as follow-up to the Fourth World Conference on Women and NGO Forum on Women in Beijing. For a complete listing of meetings held, dates, and brief descriptions, contact UN/DAW at fax: +1 212/963-3463; e-mail:

7/19. UNDP Human Development Report 1996

This UN report, which ranks countries by aspects of life (health, treatment of women, etc.) to provide a realistic global picture, is now available. Contact: Oxford University Press, Walton Street, Oxford OX2 6DP, UK., tel: +44 865/56767; fax: +44 867/5446 (for Europe, Middle East and North Africa).


5/3. Women's Information-Documentation Center

*OL* Zenska Infoteka/Women's Information-Documentation Centre in Zagreb, Croatia, held an e-mail training. Funds from the Frauenanstiftung from Hamburg provided nine groups from Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Slovenia with computers, modems, basic programs, and training on March 8-10. (Women from Serbia, Kosovo, and Crna Gora were also invited, but were unable to attend because of visa problems.) Contact: Zenska Infoteka, Berislaviceva 14, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia; tel: +385 1/276-188 or 271-247; fax: +385 1422-926; e-mail: zenskainfo_zg@zamir-zg.ztn.

Mixed Issues

6/4. Information on the Kola Peninsula Congress of Women

*OL* On April 19, 115 representatives of women's NGOs of the Murmansk region participated in a conference to build up the regional network of women's groups. Over 600 women from Murmansk and 100 from Norway took part. Topics covered included women's positon in Russia, the soldiers' mothers campaign of May to stop the Chechen war, the opening of a crisis center in Murmansk, electoral participation, and an Innovating Camp being conducted for young leaders. For a copy of the publication summary, contact:

7/5. Women's Exhibit in Baku

A women's exhibit was held in Baku, Azerbaijan, on July 9, sponsored by ISAR-Baku in hopes that it will encourage future collaboration and projects by women's NGOs. Contact the ISAR-Baku director, Doug Campbell, or the general address,


Fellowships, Internships, Awards, Education


7/18. Internet Fellowships in Belarus

IREX (International Research and Exchange Board) and USIA announce a professional fellowship opportunity to expand computer network access among scholars and non-commercial civic groups in Belarus for the fall of 1996. For qualification requirements and further description, contact, or fax: Tony Byrne, senior program officer, IREX/Washington, fax: +1 (202) 628-8189; Bill Fick/Olga Galkina, program directors, IREX/Moscow, Fax: +7-095-202-44-49.


5/16. U.S. Law Internships

*NR* The University of Connecticut School of Law offers a Masters of Law program for foreign lawyers who plan to return to their home countries to contribute to the development of the legal profession. Current students are from Russia, Belarus, Poland, and the Ukraine. Contact: Dr. Joel Paul, director, or Ms. Mary Kate Cox, deputy director, International Legal Programs, 65 Elizabeth Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06106, U.S.A., tel: +1 860/241-7646, fax: +1 860/241-7666, e-mail:,


5/23. The Association for Women in Slavic Studies Prizes for Graduate Students

Competitive awards for best dissertation chapter or article-length essay in any field or area of Slavic studies by a women or on a topic in Slavic Women Studies by either a woman or a man (open only to current doctoral students or those who defend their dissertations in 1995-96). Also pre-dissertation Fellowship in Slavic Women's Studies open to women or men enrolled in a doctoral program and planning to write a dissertation in any area of Slavic Woman Studies. Award: $500. Contact: Christine D. Worobec, president, AWSS, e-mail:




7/18. Technical Consultants Wanted

The Institutional Partnerships Project (IPP) is funding a project to assist NIS partners to grow stronger as institutions. IPP is recruiting short-term technical consultants to act as outside evaluators for 16 Russian-American and 6 Ukrainian-American partnerships. IPP is only seeking candidates currently based in Russia or Ukraine. For qualification information, contact: or fax résumé to +1 202/628-9818.

7/18. Teach Abroad!

Teaching positions currently available in Albania (British & American History, Elbasani), Bulgaria (Ph.D. required, Economics, Sophia), Lithuania (Law, Kaunas), Romania (Economics, Iasi), Poland (Library Science, Krakow), Kazakstan (Library Science, Almaty) and Estonia (Law, Tartu). Send résumés to: Ronald Kim, CEP, P.O. Box 205445, Yale Station, New Haven, Connecticut 06520 USA, fax: +1 202/781-0265, e-mail:

Western Europe

7/29. Researcher Needed

Patrick Treaner of OSI, working with the International Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, anticipates the need for a researcher. Requirements: MA/ABD with reading knowledge of Serbo-Croatian. Send résumé and writing sample to: Patrick Treaner, ICT, Churchill Plein 1, P.O. Box 13888, 2501 EW The Hague, The Netherlands, fax: +31 70/416-5300.

United States

7/18. Director Wanted

The Civic Education Project seeks an individual to serve in its New Haven, Connecticut, office as director of university relations. Ph.D. required. Contact: Ronald Kim, CEP, P.O. Box 205445, Yale Station, New Haven, Connecticut 06520, USA, fax: +1 203/7810265 or e-mail:



on domestic violence, organizations,
business & law, women's movements...

Domestic Violence

5/6. Domestic Violence in Bulgaria

*NR* The above titled report is published by the Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights. Contact: Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, 400 Second Avenue South, Suite 1050, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401-2408 USA, tel: +1 612/341-3302; fax: +1 612/341-2971, email:

5/7. Global Review of DV Laws

*NR* Women, Law and Development International's study reviews domestic violence laws in 21 countries and surveys 140 women's rights advocates worldwide; also recommends strategies for NGOs working for change. US$10 plus $2.50 shipping and handling (alternative financial arrangements may be available for international orders). Contact: Women, Law and Development International, 1350 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C., 20036-1701 USA, tel: +1 202/463-7477, fax: +1 202/463-7480, e-mail:

5/7. NEWW Annotated Bibliography on Domestic Violence, Part I

*NR* Lori Hirtelen's annotated bibliographies of legal and social science literature; topics: general information; self-help, recovery, work with battered women; personal narratives; legal issues. Contact:

5/9. NEWW Annotated Bibliography on Domestic Violence, Part II

*NR* Lori Hirtelen's annotated bibliographies of legal and social science literature; topics: separation assault, gay and lesbian partner abuse, batterers. Contact:

5/10. DV Health Resources

*NR* Two books on physician's/health aspects of domestic violence. For titles, contact:

5/10. DV Resources On-Line

*NR* The vol.1, no.4 issue of Women'space focuses on violence against women.

This posting includes an article describing cyber support for battered women. For text, contact:

5/10. NEWW Annotated Bibliography on Domestic Violence, Part III

*NR* Lori Hirtelen's annotated bibliographies of articles in legal and social science journals; topics: impact of violence on women, legal education. Contact:

5/13. NEWW Annotated Bibliography on Domestic Violence, Part IV

*NR* Lori Hirtelen's annotated bibliographies of articles in legal and social science journals; topics: impact of violence on children. Contact:

5/15. NEWW Annotated Bibliography on Domestic Violence, Part V

*NR* Lori Hirtelen's annotated bibliographies of articles in legal and social science journals; topics: shelters, batterers, women who kill their batterers. Contact:

5/15. NEWW Annotated Bibliography on Domestic Violence, Part VI

*NR* Lori Hirtelen's annotated bibliographies of articles in legal and social science journals; topics: legal system. Contact:

5/16. Date Rape

*NR* Kristen Hansen (e-mail: recommends two recently published books on date rape: Diane Delp's The Other Side of Silence: Women Tell About Their Experiences With Date Rape (Avocus Publishing, 1995, contact: and Peggy Reeves Sanday's A Woman Scorned: Acquaintance Rape on Trial (New York: Doubleday, 1996).

5/17. DV in Hungary

*NR* Dr. Isabel Marcus, U.S. feminist and law professor whose research focuses on family abuse, was interviewed in 1995 by Judit Acsady, sociologist and founder of the Budapest Gender Studies Center, for Noszemely, a Hungarian feminist publication. Contact:

5/20. NEWW Annotated Bibliography on Domestic Violence, Part VII

*NR* Lori Hirtelen's annotated bibliography of legal and social science journals; topic: health issues. Contact:

5/22. NEWW Annotated Bibliography on Domestic Violence, Part VIII

*NR* Lori Hirtelen's annotated bibliography of legal and social science journals; topic: international perspectives and human rights. Contact:

6/06. DV in Romania

*NR* The above titled report is published by the Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights. Contact: Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, 400 Second Avenue South, Suite 1050, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401-2408 USA, tel: +1 612/341-3302; fax: +1 612/341-2971, email:

6/07. Sexual Violence/Former Yugoslavia

*NR* The International Human Rights Law Institute and DePaul University published Sexual Violence: An Invisible Weapon of War in the Former Yugoslavia, by M. Cherif Bassiouni and Marcia McCormick (1996). Contact: International Human Rights Law Institute, DePaul University College of Law, 25 East Jackson. Chicago, Illinois 60604 U.S.A., tel.: +1 312/362-5922, fax: +1 312/362-5923.

6/19. Violence Against Women Questionnaire

*NR* The West Coast Chapter of NEWW has distributed a detailed questionnaire about violence against women in CEE and FSU to assess current activities and needs of women in the region. Contact: Emily Stoper, ISC member, 6439 Regent Street, Oakland, California, 94618, U.S.A., tel: +1 510/885-2957, fax: +1 510/885-3164, e-mail:

6/25. Book Review

*NR* In Surviving Together, Winter 1995 issue, Nadezhda Shvedova reviewed How to Start and Manage a Women's Crisis Center, by E.V. Israelian and T. Yu. Zabelina. For review text, contact ISAR: For information about the book, contact: Tatiana Zabelina, co-director, Women, Family and Gender Studies, The Youth Institute, 5/1 Yunosti Street, Moscow 111442, Russia, tel: +7 095/374-7512, fax: +7 095/374-7878.

7/15. Curriculum on Teen Violence

*NR* The Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women (LACAAW) has written a curriculum for teenagers being used in high schools and sexual assault crisis centers. Contact: Jeep Hauser, Program Coordinator, 6043 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 200, Los Angeles, California 90028, U.S.A., tel: +1 213/462-1281, fax: +1 213/462-8434, e-mail:

7/23. Ending Violence Against Women in Russia and Worldwide

*NR* In the Spring 1996 issue of Surviving Together, Yevgenia Istraelyan and Tatiana Zabelina wrote about violence against women in Russia and what Russian women's NGOs, like the Russian Association of Crisis Centers, are doing about it. Contact:


5/14. A Guide to NIS Grassroots Organizations

*NR* The Post Soviet Handbook: A Guide to Grassroots Organizations and Internet Resources in the Newly Independent States was prepared by the Center for Civil Society. The handbook provides contact information, describes programs and activities of grass-roots groups that emerged in the NIS over the past 10 years, and includes Internet resources related to the NIS. Order from: The University of Washington Press, Marketing Department, P.O. Box 0096, Seattle, Washington, 98145-5096, U.S.A., tel: +1 206/543-4050, fax: +1 206/543-3932, e-mail:, or toll-free ordering in U.S.: +1 800/441-4115 (price: $19.95 plus shipping and handling).

6/18. Geneva Advocacy Notes

Geneva Advocacy Notes, published periodically by the NGO Sub-Committee on the Status of Women in Geneva, provides information on events concerning women taking place in Geneva at the UN, its specialized agencies, and NGOs. Contact:

Women's Movements

6/26. Encyclopedia of Russian Women's Movements

If you are interested in writing one or more articles for a proposed encyclopedia of Russian women's movements, contact Norma Noonan, Augsberg College, U.S.A.: with your title, a brief bio including relevent publications, and full address.

Business, Law & Human Rights

7/8. Russian Business and Law Library by Mail

*NR* The Pacific BVL Corporation offers books in Russian about business and law. Contact: Pacific BVL Corporation, 13239 Sixth Avenue, San Francisco, Californa 94122, U.S.A., tel/fax: +1 415/753-6961, e-mail:

7/27. Women's Human Rights Books

The International Women's Tribune Centre produces Women, Ink., a catalogue of resources on women's human rights issues worldwide. Contact: Women, Ink., IWTC, 777 United Nations Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10017 U.S.A., tel: +1 212/687-8633, fax: +1 212/61-2704; e-mail:


Call for Essays

Are you a woman in Central or Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union who has overcome a threat or danger? Women Who Saved Themselves is a collection of essays describing the strategies and tactics used by women to triumph in situations that threatened their equal rights in society, security in the home and labor force, and personal safety in interpersonal relationships.

We seek exemplary stories about ordinary women, of all ages, abilities, and socio-economic backgrounds, whose innovation, motivation, and determination protected their best interests. From fending off armed attackers to multiple attackers, to publicly protesting injustice and organizing mass resistance to social norms that oppress women, the courageous acts of these women are examples of what can happen when women call upon their internal strength, when they dare to believe in themselves, when they are fully committed to their rights. These personal testimonies take place against the backdrop of societies in political and economic transition, as institutional mechanisms that promoted women's equality are dissolving.

Submit an essay for consideration to Melissa L. Stone, Coordinator, NEWW Russian Women's Self-Defense Project, 1601 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20009, tel. 301/585-2536, e-mail:



peace, global activism, funder news...

5/20. Women's Global Rally, March 8, 2000

Global Community of Women, dedicated to the empowerment of women through direct action on a global level, plans a rally on March 8, 2000. At 10 a.m. local time, women all over the world should gather on the main street of their city, town or village and shout in support of women.

6/18. Fund for an Open Society in Belgrade

The Soros Foundation in Belgrade has re-registered under a new name, the Fund for an Open Society, with Sonja Licht still as the executive director. The Fund can be reached at Tolstojeva 5, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia; tel: +381 11/660-937 or 665-996; fax: +38 11/669-683; e-mail:



In addition to providing informational resources, NEWW conference/mailing lists are also spaces for conversations about gender issues in transitional societies. Several memorable and significant discussions took place in the last year such as the winter 1995-96 debates on the December 1995 elections in Russia. On <glas.sisters> women discussed the Women of Russia Faction's loss of seats in Parliament and its impact on the Russian women's movement. This discussion led to the distribution of a petition via e-mail, addressed to the State Duma (the Parliament) and signed by leaders of various women's NGOs in Russia, which called for the new Duma deputies to include gender issues on their political agendas.

It has always been one of our hopes to use electronic communications for local, national and multi-national problem-solving, and we are greatly impressed with your innovative uses of e-mail to advance your social change goals.

We invite all of you who are experienced in gender studies, feminist theory, legal advocacy, organizational development, and other related issues to moderate online discussions on one of our various mailing lists. If you are interested, please contact Victoria Vrana via e-mail at



5/6. NEWW East-East Legal Coalition Members

*NR* Contact information for NEWW East-East Legal Coalition country representatives, as of April 1996. E-mail:

5/13. European Net of Policewomen

*NR* The European Network of Policewomen conducts trainings for police and service providers in treating domestic violence cases, including in the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe. Contact: Anita Hazenberg, European Network of Policewomen, tel: +31 33/465-4019, fax: +31 33/465-4083, e-mail:



ANA Society (Romania)

Association for Women in Development (USA)
Tel: 703/642-3628
Fax: 703/941-4299

Association for Women in Slavic Studies (USA)

B.A.B.E (Croatia)
E-mail: babe_zg@zamir-zg.comlink.apc. org

Europaforum Wien (Austria)
Tel: 43-1-585/85-10-25
Fax: 43-1-585/85-10-30

European Roma Rights Center (Hungary)
Tel: 36-1/327-3117/3118

FEMNET (Kenya)
Tel: 254-2/440-299
Fax: 254-2/330-737
E-mail: safiatu.k_singhatch@elci

International Peace Bureau (The Netherlands)
Tel: 41-22/731-6429
Fax: 41-22/738-9419

International Research and Exchanges Board (USA)
Tel: 202/628-8188

International Women Judges Foundation (USA)
Tel: 202/393-0955
Fax: 202/393-0125

International Women's Media Foundation (USA)
Tel: 202/496-1992
Fax: 202/496-1977

International Women's Tribune Center (USA)
Tel: 212/687-8633
Fax: 212/661-2704

ISAR-Baku (Azerbaijan)

League of Albanian Women (Tetove, Macedonia)
Tel: 389-94-20-17

Medica Zenica (Bosnia)
Tel: 387-72/265-941 or 36-594 or 36-566
Tel/fax: 387-72/414-6581
E-mail:< /A>

Pacific News Service (USA)
Tel: 1-415/243-4364

People to People International (USA)
Tel: 816/531-4701

Petersburg Center for Gender Studies (Russia)
Fax: 7-812/528-1830

PROFEM (Czech Republic)
Tel/fax: 0042-2/542-645
E-mail: profem@cz.ecn

Soros Foundation-Belgrade
Tel: 381-11/660-937
Fax: 381-11/669-683

The Alliance of Russian and American Women (USA)
Tel: 1-212/492-8976
Fax: 1-212/977-3022

The American Latvian Association (USA)

The Center for Civil Society (USA)
Tel: 206/543-4050
Fax: 206/543-3932

The Centre for Women Studies (Zagreb, Croatia)
Tel: 385-1/279-821
Fax: 385-1/433-416
E-mail: zerstud_zg@zamir-zg.ztn.apc.or g

The Central European Center for Health and the Environment (USA)
Tel: 202/965-5990
Fax: 202/965-5996

The Civic Education Project (USA)
Fax: 1-203/781-0265

The Women's Center (Tirana, Albania)
Tel: 355-42/278-39
Fax: 355-42/236-93

TOOLConsult (The Netherlands)

Women Environment and Development Organization (USA)
Fax: 212/973-0335

Women in Black
E-mail: laurence.h@zamir-bg.ztn.apc.or g

Women's Legal Group (Tirana, Albania)
Tel/fax: 23-693

Women's Rights Center (Poland)
Tel: 48-22/652-0117
Fax: 48-22/620-7624

Women's Rights Network (USA)
Tel: 1-617/832-1276/1277
Fax: 1-617/832-7000

Women's Studies Club of Slovakia
Tel: 42-7/50-929
Fax: 42-7/325-098

Young Women and Democracy Programme (The Netherlands)
Tel/fax: 31-20/692-5813

Zenska Infoteka (Zagreb, Croatia)
Tel: 385-41/276-188
Fax: 385-41/422-926
E-mail: zenskainfo_zg@zamir-zg.comli

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