The Network of East-West Women:
E-Mail Training East and West

NEWW's e-mail trainers were busy in the region and the United States last year:

Jelica Todosijevic completed six months of e-mail trainings in Macedonia, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania.

In February 1996, Victoria Vrana traveled to Tirana, Albania, where she conducted e-mail trainings at the Regional Meeting for Balkan Countries held by Young Women in Democracy. The training was photogaphed and documented for a global multimedia project, 24 Hours in Cyberspace. On February 8, 1996, 100 photojournalists posted to a Web site images and stories of people using the Internet in different ways. The photos and sories were published in a book and a CD-ROM in the fall of 1996.

Victoria also presented a paper and participated in the "Expert Workshop on WomenWatch: Global Information through Computer Networking," at United Nations headquarters.

Galina Venediktova and Irina Doskich conducted e- mail trainings for fellows returning to Moscow from Columbia University's Center for Religion, Human Rights, and Religious Freedom Fellowship Program.

Galina and Irina have also worked together to master the difficulties and complications of sending and receiving Cyrillic e-mail. This involves different procedures depending on the type of software and/or Internet Service Providers used.

Irina created a very simple and clear manual detailing how to use e-mail and conferences on GlasNet. The manual is in Russian. Contact:

In addition, NEWW has conducted trainings or consulted with Columbia University's Center for Religion, Human Rights and Religious Freedom in New York City; the Georgetown University Law School Fellowship Program for African Women Lawyers; and the International Foundation for Women Judges.

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