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Me at my desk in my old mountaintop Apartment.
Kittenz vs. Linux|kittenz vs. OpenBSD
Marina's ramblings about Euclid (As HTML)  (As PDF)  -   A local ISP i administer.
My Resume - Yes, i am looking for additional work !

My Software and Software ports

Wanderer   - an adventure game by Steve Shipway
         - Accepted as an OpenBSD port - Committ Message - Thanks Peter !
Eagles BBS - fun terminal based BBS
gtkwget - My Cheesy little GTK frontend for wget - GPL
surfadmin - A shell script for system administration for OpenBSD ISP's © Marina Brown
check_rbl Quick and dirty Nagios Plugin to see if an ip address is on an RBL.(Uses GPL SOFTWARE)
popbeforesmtp Pop Before SMTP in less than an hour
Byzantium Linux download Byzantium Linux download. Wireless for the zombie apocalypse.

Works in Progress

Eagles BBS - I am considering creating an OpenBSD Port
OpenGatekeeper H.323 Proxy
     I'm trying to port this proxy to OpenBSD. ...A girl's gotta make some money
     somehow, and there is money in streaming images over the net . ;-)
     and i don't want to take OpenBSD off my router ! ;-)


Fade to White - SSH Tunneling - A BSD/Linux/Unix Tutorial for OpenSSH
SSH Tunneling with Windows - For those running MS Windows(TM)
SSH Authentication with PuTTY


Do Not Taunt


BSD Success Stories
Heather Ridge Farm

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